10 Signs of Hireling Pastors You Must Mark & Avoid (Part I)

Our Lord and Savior Jesus in John 10 spoke about 2 types Leaders, a Shepherd and Hireling.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a hireling as “a person who serves for hire especially for purely mercenary motives”.

A lot of people these days are becoming offended in God and the church because of their experiences at the hands of Hireling Pastors.

1. Hireling Pastors are Pastors who are quick to reap where they have not sown.

Be careful of Pastors who ask you for certain favours in less than a month of coming into contact with you when you have never done same for the Church you have been with for 10 years.

They demand commitment from you when they have never been there for you.

They will never encourage you to stay committed to the Church you have been with for years even when they get to know you are a Church Worker there but will pull every string to get your loyalty and commitment shifted to them.

Never give to any Pastor that which you have not given to your Pastor before.

2. Hireling Pastors are quick to demand financial favours at the least interest you show in their ministry.

It is impossible to make a withdrawal from a bank account you have not made a deposit into.

Mark and avoid people especially on Facebook who at the least interest you show on your page start asking you for money.

No Pastor who respects him/herself will be coming to your inbox to ask money from you especially when they have no relationship with you apart from Facebook.

3. Hireling Pastors are Pastors who seek to force their Fatherhood on you especially when they realize you are a little well-to-do in life.

Most at times I get people inboxing me that they want to me as a Spiritual Authority/Father over them but I always counsel them to develop such a relationship with the Pastor of the Church they attend.

You don’t need to have a Father-Son relationship with me before I can be a blessing to you but I can be your Mentor.

Mark and avoid leaders who deny you identification when you are struggling but are quick to claim Fatherhood over your life immediately they realize you are doing well.

Run away from such relationships especially when it is built on how much money you can give.

4. Hireling Pastors are Guest Speakers who go behind their Host Pastor to have dealings with you.

Mark and avoid Guest Speakers who ask for your number or give their number to you without the permission of your Pastor.

Run for your life when they invite you to their hotel without the knowledge of your Pastor.

Also avoid Guest Pastors who start inviting you to their Church after preaching in your Church.

5. Hireling Pastors are Pastors who only check up on you when you absent yourself from Church for weeks.

One of the most important roles of a Shepherd is always seeking the welfare of the sheep especially when they have been missing from the flock.

But a good Shepherd will always check up on you even if you have not absented yourself from Church.

He/She always wants to be in the known of everything that is going on in your life.

A Shepherd must always be in constant interaction with the flock.

I pray for myself and every other Church Leader that we become Shepherds after God’s heart.


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