21 Things You Might Not Know About Bernard ElBernard – Part 3


On your journey to significance, there are many things you will need to make full proof of your calling. When God set you on the journey, you are guaranteed of succeeding and becoming an example of possibility.

In the work of the ministry you are assured of the empowering grace of the Holy Spirit. You can never succeed without absolute dependence on the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit also work with and through people. So, one of the essential elements you will need to succeed in ministry is the people connection.

People are so important that without them your dreams will never be interpreted into reality. No one can succeed all alone. Anyone who has made it in an area of life has received human help.

One of the most important truths I have discovered is that, I have everything I need to succeed in life and in ministry but the things I need that I don’t have has been packaged and enveloped in someone close to me. The ability to discern, recognize those who carry what I don’t have is the beginning of a life of help and divine assistance.

I have benefited from the anointing, grace, wisdom and experience of several people. Some of these people are not necessarily in ministry. I have been helped by colleagues, people who look up to me and people I look up to.

You can never succeed alone. You will need the right people to succeed. The right people might not necessarily be good people.

The platform of greatness becomes available and inevitably accessible when you encounter the right people. There are people who have journeyed the path you are treading on, know them and learn from them. Their experiences, mistakes and wisdom will serve as a guiding principle to fulfilling your own destiny.

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