21 Things You Might Not Know About Bernard ElBernard – Part 5


Many have asked me questions on why I do the things I do. In the course of 20 years of prophesying, 13 years in full time prophetic ministry and 11 years of pastoring, I have come to the conclusion that absolute dependence on God, is the key to an enviable life and ministry. 

Until you key into absolute dependence and total commitment to God, you will live a life of bitterness, offense, regrets and disappointment. Until you absolutely embrace God’s dependency, people, accusations, bad decisions, mistakes and other things can stop you from pursuing your calling.

Absolute commitment and dependence is knowing God as the source of who you are and what you are called to do. It means being ready to obey HIM even when you have to disobey and disappoint human beings.

Absolute commitment, dependence on God and obsession with my assignment, is one of the keys that has helped me in life and in ministry. I am absolutely committed to God and to my assignment that I do not give people, structures and systems the place that must be given to Him and my assignment.

My obsession with my assignment and the one who has called me, makes me interpret every negative situation in the light of today in order to predict the future. My mistakes and flaws do not hold me captive!

In the past, I made mistakes, took foolish decisions, acted immaturely but my obsession with God and my assignment helped me learn the lessons and move on to make full proof of my life and ministry. I do not allow my past to stop me or mistakes to mess me up; i am not scared of the future but rather, i draw strength from God to fulfill my ministry.

I do not allow the success and achievements of people to make me envious but rather, i see them as a means of drawing inspiration for profitable and productive ministry. To me, what others have done is a picture of what I can do and achieve.

I do not compete with men because I am complete in God. My obsession with God and my assignment, makes me see others as partners in the fulfillment of divine agenda.

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