21 Things You Might Not Know About Bernard ElBernard – Part 6


One of the greatest secrets I discovered that radically changed my life, is the discovery of who I am in Christ, who I am in the world and what I am called to do. Until you discover who you are and be determined to live in line with that, you stand a chance of losing what you have, what you can become and the impact of your influence in the world. 

Without any doubt, God is the source of all things and the Holy Spirit is a vital part of our lives. However, the most important person on the surface of this earth you must discover is YOU! When you discover You, you will never live to impress others or be in wait for their approval and acceptance, before you live your full potentials.

If you do not discover who you are, you stand a chance of losing what you have and what you can become. 20 years ago, I spent time discovering me, what I have been given, who I am called to and what I can do. That discovery changed my life!

When I discovered me, I placed Value on what I have been given. Once I discovered the Value within me, I created a platform with what I have been given. Today, by the grace of God, people are becoming what they ought to become, because I discovered ‘Me’. No matter how intellectually capable you are, no matter how knowledgeable you are, if your personality does not synchronize with your performance, your performance might take you to a place your personality will destroy.

There is no way you can transform the world until your life is first transformed. True transformation will start with you. Do not neglect yourself in your bid to transform other people or the world. Take care of yourself first. In fact, you can help others better when you take care of yourself. Focus on building yourself. One of the greatest investments you can ever make, is quality investment in yourself.

I discovered that anything anyone has ever become is a picture of what I can become. The Celebrities we celebrate today are being celebrated because they discovered themselves. 

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