21 Things You Might Not Know About Bernard ElBernard – Part 7


I received the commission to go into full-time ministry in May 2006. After waiting on God and having discussions with my Spiritual father, I was released in September 2006 to start my ministry.

Staying or doing business in Accra had never been my desire but whiles on a mission with my friend, Apostle Joshua Amissah to handle some issues in the Central Region of Ghana, I heard the voice of the Lord instructing me to be like the leper and move to Accra to raise a people of impact. I held series of discussions with my parents, my uncle who took me through university and my spiritual father. Finally I was convinced to move to Accra.

I moved to the city of Accra in August/September 2006 with the GHC10 my mum gave me. By the time I was done paying for my bus fare, I was left with GHC4.60p. With no accommodation, the first place I could lay my head was Gloryland Hotel. How I paid my bills for 3 consecutive days is another story.

In the midst of my challenging homeless situation, I received help from Nana Ofori Akoto who hosted me in his Kokomlemle apartment. I never paid bills and my stay with his family was enjoyable.

There was a season when I needed only GHC800 to pay for a one bedroom apartment for 2 years. I combed the city of Accra without help until a man, Mr. Evans Abiwu gave me GHC400. I still needed GHC400 more.

One morning, I received a call from Mr. Alex Dey, a business owner who had been blessed by my ministry. We had a conversation and then I told him I needed money for my accommodation. He instead offered me accommodation. During my stay with him, he took care of my bills, feeding and also gave me money for my upkeep. He was also a spiritual authority over me, gave me counsel, prayed with me, gave me books and helped me understand the dispensation of the prophetic and ministry as he had seen it in Ghana.

It was during my stay with one of these men that I started my scholarship scheme – Bernard Elbernard Scholarship Scheme – with 9 students from the University of Ghana. As at last year when I decided to shift my focus from giving scholarships, the scheme had seen over 400 students graduating from university.

It is not over yet. 

Hold on! Help is on the way.

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