21 Things You Might Not Know About Bernard ElBernard – Part 9


The significance of life is in the discovery of who you are and what you are called to do. When you discover who you are and what you are called to do, it influences your focus and confidence. The pursuit of what you have discovered, will definitely register your name in the company of greatness.

When I became born again in 1999, I knew I was an essential part of God’s end time agenda. I knew God had given me everything I need to be a plus in the lives of many people. As an ambitious young man with great dreams, I discovered that when your ambition is not in line with God’s vision for your life, it could lead you to destruction.

One of the most important questions that shocked me and changed my perspective about life is this: “Did you know that God created you to solve a problem?” This question brought me to the realization that, I still had not found the problems I was created to solve. Everything is created for and with a reason to solve a problem.

I embarked on a search to discover why I was created, why I was born in Ghana, what I was given, what I could become and the reason for my existence. I went on this divine search for my purpose with my Bible, Understanding Vision by Bishop David Oyedepo, The Assignment by Dr. Mike Murdock and In Pursuit of Purpose by Dr. Myles Munroe.

Then on the 31st of August 2002, at the University of Ghana campus (Akuffo Hall – Room Number M13), I laid my hands on the golden treasure. I discovered my life’s assignment!

My life took a different twist and this statement by Dr. Myles Munroe became a reality in my life: “Your fulfillment in life is dependent on you becoming and doing what you were born to be and do.”

It is my prayer that someone reading this will discover his/her purpose and those who have discovered it, will pursue it will all their strength. 

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