A Palace in the Wilderness

Almost every young person has a dream of being able to identify with certain people of high social standing. I am no different.

But the challenge with me is that, I have always been the shy and reserved type though I have changed a little these days.

During my days at the University, whenever certain influential people visited our school, I couldn’t establish contact or take pictures with them for future reference just like other schoolmates of mine were doing.

Considering my personality coupled with the fact that I’m not privileged to come from a high social standing family, I use to wonder if I will ever meet such people in life.

After much meditation however, I came to understand that the easiest way to attract the attention of some of these people I admired is to become successful at what I am called to do.

The story of John the Baptist also became a great source of inspiration to me.

When I read of how multitudes including some renowned people left the cities and came to him in the wilderness seeking answers to their problems as well as to identity with him, I understood that I can also create a “Palace in my Wilderness” that will bring the multitudes to me.

And little by little, I am seeing signs that the most influential people I have dreamt of meeting will soon look for me instead of me looking for them if I can continue excelling at my assignment in life.

Lesson: Living an impactful life is the easiest way of attracting the attention of the people you have dreamt of meeting in life.

Learn how to create a palace in your wilderness and royalty will look for you.

It is time to stop moving from one place to another looking for acceptance. Sit down and create your own platform that people will desire to identify with.

Sometimes the rejection we suffer from struggling to draw the attention of such people to ourselves can come as a big blow to our confidence in life.

Meanwhile, when you decide to work on yourself and your dreams, it is rather these people that will look for you and not the other way round.

Your impact in your field speaks louder for men and women of influence to stop whatever they are doing and look for you.

It makes a greater statement when the most influential in society identify with you and share pictures they’ve taken with you on their social media handles than you being the only one sharing them.

There is something embedded in you that can cause the most influential people in society to look for you when you learn how to give it expression.

Your family might not be a household name in your nation or maybe you hail from a remote village in the world but you can create a palace in that wilderness which will attract the attention of the world to you.

You are the next in line to be known globally.

I pray for us in the mighty name of Jesus that we receive strength to make the most out of our current situation in life.

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