Escape From Saul

I am a strong advocate of loyalty to people we meet in our daily lives and organizations where we might find ourselves as well.

My loyalty to people is mostly born out of love and belief that everyone can change for the better if given the right help.

Unfortunately, after many years of dealing with people, I’ve come to accept that some people might never change for the better no matter how long you stay with them.

One of my inspirations on the subject of loyalty is David. He did almost everything that every leader would love to see in his or her followers and yet Saul was not pleased.

In fact from 1 Samuel chapter 18 through to 27, Saul purposed to destroy David.

In spite of all that, anytime David had an opportunity to get back at Saul, he rather affirmed his loyalty to him and spared him.

On all those occasions David spared Saul, he Saul will become remorseful for his actions, express his gratitude to David and then promise not to come after him again.

And yet, he will initiate another plan to have David killed as soon as he got back to his Palace. (See 1 Sam 24 & 26).

In 1 Sam 27:1, David finally realized that the only way to avoid being killed by Saul was to escape from him and sojourn among the Philistines since Saul refused to change towards him for the better.

Lesson: There are certain people in our lives who will never change for the better no matter the amount of love and commitment we show them.

Sometimes we have to choose between walking away from them to save our lives or staying with them and getting destroyed.

Someone reading this must decide to escape from the Saul type of person he/she is dating.

Marriage is a big deal on its own. It’s thus a pending disaster being in a dating relationship with someone who specializes in apologizing without repenting from constantly abusing and cheating on you.

There are some leaders that you must escape from to preserve your life. Likewise, there are some people you must equally do away with as a leader for your organization to do well.

Learn to give people a second chance. Don’t be in a hurry to do away with people.

But understand that, you are not God. If all your efforts are not yielding the desired results, then it is time to consider jumping ship before you get destroyed with it.

Some people will only realise the need to change after we walk away from them.

Therefore, don’t stop believing and praying for their change after escaping from them.

I pray for us in the mighty name of Jesus that we receive strength to learn from our mistakes on time and not make a shipwreck of our lives.

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