In The Beginning

Quite recently, I got saddened by a conversation I was told ensued between a young man and his benefactor during his senior high school and university education.

This benefactor who is a distant relative to this young man stepped in to help him through his education when he was neglected after the death of his parents.

The young man had become very rich after school but had started to treat his wife and kids very badly. So at the request of the wife, his benefactor decided to confront him.

And in the heat of the discussion this young man said to this elderly man “… that you paid for my education doesn’t give you the right to advice me on how to treat my family. Give me the bill on how much you spent on me and I will give you 20 times that amount”.

Hmmm… This young man had forgotten that had the man not paid for his education, he wouldn’t have made it this far in life. And that no amount of money he can give the man can be more valuable than what the man did for him.

The voice of ingratitude is one of the most arrogant and dangerous voices one could speak in.

I am not surprised that among the warnings God gives to people, He is always keen and frequent in cautioning people to be careful not to forget about Him when all is well with them. An example is found in Deuteronomy 8:10-18.

Many people quickly forget and despise the people who helped them in the early stages of their lives after they have reached their supposed places of comfort.

It’s thus not surprising that most times, such people end up losing everything because of their ungratefulness.

Lesson: Never belittle the help you received in your days of struggle. There is nothing you can give to those people that can equate the value of the help they gave you.

Ingratitude closes the door to receiving more.

I’ve observed that most sports personalities ended up marrying the people who believed in them and urged them on in the early stages of their careers even when they themselves felt like giving up.

I am very much afraid of ungrateful people.

Notwithstanding how rich and successful I become in life, there are certain people I can never pick a quarrel with because I know without them, I would never have gotten this far in life.

Everything seems ok with you today but have you showed enough gratitude to the people who stood with you “in the beginning” when others were unwilling to help?

Take a trip down memory lane and find out if there is anyone you have forgotten to honour.

Living a life where honour is given to the people it is due is the easiest path to promotion in life.

I pray for us in the mighty name of Jesus that we receive humility to honour those who deserve honour in our lives.

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