Keep It On The Outside

I was driving one day when all of a sudden it started raining heavily. I immediately rolled up the windows of my car and by so doing was saved from getting wet. However as l looked outside, I saw others who have been beaten by the rain because they had no means of avoiding it.

Out of this simple situation, I learnt a very important lesson for living a victorious life: i.e. “notwithstanding the negative happenings around me, if I can keep them on the outside and not allow them to break my spirit, I can rise above them”.

In other words, learning to protect our spirits from getting easily broken from the negative happenings around us is one secret to a joyous life.

Over the years, I have learnt to protect my spirit from getting broken by the negative things I hear and bad experiences I encounter. I have developed myself in such a way that I don’t loose sleep or cry for days unend because of how bad things turned out. NO!!

I keep every negativity on the outside. Nothing negative is permitted to enter into my spirit.

Proverbs 18:14 puts it this way : “The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity; but a wounded spirit who can bear?”

Lesson: We can overcome every negative situation in life if we don’t allow it to break our spirit.

Learn to keep everything negative you hear and experience on the outside and use your inner strength to overcome them.

There is no situation in life that we cannot rise above if we maintain a strong spirit.

Even in the situation of sickness, a person with a strong spirit is able to overcome some sicknesses quicker than others.

Listen!! Life is too short to spend even a day completely broken because of a mistake you made or a bad treatment meted out to you by someone you once loved.

Go through life keeping every negative situation on the outside.

Sometimes it is best not to be in a haste to hear what people are saying about you.
Even if you hear them, don’t allow them entry into you and change your personality and focus in life.

I know some things are difficult to let go but you have to choose whether to let it destroy you or make you stronger.

Let us build ourselves to a point that nothing can make us bitter or walk in hatred.

Smile through the pain and laugh through the storm; such is life. Let men be men and God be God.

There is a glorious future awaiting us.
This generation and beyond must celebrate our impact.

May we receive strength in our inner person to rise above every negative situation Jesus’ mighty name.


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  1. Tasha Vanessa

    Wow such great piece from Prophet Vincent ??

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