Let Your Eye Be Single

Matt 6:22

“You don’t look inside a bottle with both eyes” …says an Akan adage in Ghana.

And truly if you want to properly view the inside of a bottle, you must close one of your eyes.

Within this simple adage is an important principle that guarantees success in life :That is learning to be single-eyed.

I learnt this principle 10 years ago through a timely advice given me by my General Overseer, Prophet Bernard ElBernard Nelson-Eshun.

He called me one day and said to me that people who are making impact at the highest level in their field are those who discovered one thing that made them unique and gave all their attention to it at an early age.

By then, I was planning to pursue other things after my National Service before giving attention to my main assignment which is to become a preacher and a life coach.
It is this advice that helped to sacrifice everything to pursue my assignment.

I might not be impacting lives today through KAIROS TUESDAYS and other mediums if I had not heeded to that advice.

Lesson: Global recognition in life is only guaranteed for those who discover the one thing that makes them unique and dedicate the prime of their lives to perfecting their skills and knowledge in that field.

Sometimes the reason some of us don’t excel in life is because we describe ourselves as multitalented and try to do a lot of things at the same time.

Yes, you might be able to do a lot of things but there should always be that peculiar field the world recognize you as an expert in.

If you ask most people whose exploits in life have made them celebrities in society, they will tell you that they had to sacrifice other passions and have a “Single Eye” for what they do.

Kobe Bryant of basketball ball fame sacrificed his love football to have a “Single Eye” for basketball.

The principle of having a single eye can be applied in many areas of our lives.

I believe a lot of marriages will not end up in divorce if spouses have single eyes for each other.

If we learn to have eyes only for our spouses, we will appreciate and love them better each day and put in the needed effort to make the marriage.

I see the nations applauding your impact.

You will achieve uncommon success in your field.

Your marriage will be spoken highly of.

Learn to have a Single Eye.

May we receive grace to make the best decisions out of the opportunities life presents us with in Jesus’ mighty name.


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