Look Into The Cup

During the burial service of a deceased political figure in Ghana, I listened to his widow speak bitterly of how society treated her “good and gentle husband” to constant abuse and mockery. Only stopping short of blaming her husband’s death on us.

As much as I wanted to sympathize with her, I couldn’t help but ask, Didn’t she know the price they had to pay for occupying that political seat?

Sadly though a lot of us desire certain great opportunities in life without really understanding both the positive and negative implications that come with them.

A very interesting conversation ensued between Jesus and the mother of James and John in Matthew Chapter 20:20-22.

Upon their mother lobbying for her children to be seated directly at the right and left hand side of Jesus in His Kingdom, Jesus asked them if they are ready to drink of the cup that comes with sitting on the throne.

Though they answered in the affirmative, they failed their first test during the arrest of Jesus.

Lesson: Every throne of greatness you desire to occupy has it’s own cup of challenges that you must drink from.

Before you desire the throne make sure you have carefully considered the content of the cup.

Sometimes the journey to the fulfillment of our dreams can be so demanding that it completely changes us and can have a negative effect on the people close to us.

There is nothing wrong with desiring that you and your spouse would rise in rank to the highest positions in your careers, but you must understand the demands that come with it.

One of it being less time for the family which can result in a broken home if not managed well.

Some people after they rose up to the highest position in their field, ended up becoming broken and destroyed by it, so much that one cannot help but wonder “if they were really prepared to be in that place”.

I have witnessed people become so drained by the demands of being at the top that they simply had to walk away.

Yes! It is a thing of great joy to rise to the highest positions in life but we must fully come to terms with what we will go through when we reach there. We must learn how to balance it with our private lives.

Don’t let the desire for greatness change you for the worst.

You must always reorient yourself as to what your priorities in life are as you embark on the journey into greatness.

I see you becoming a great symbol of excellence.

I pray for us in the mighty name of Jesus that demands for success makes us stronger and better instead of destroying us.

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