Master Your Pain

I have not lived that long on earth but I have lived long enough to understand that it is only those who have mastered the art of pain that can be strong enough to succeed in this world.

The people I deem strong and admire are those who persevered through their worst nightmares to achieve their dreams and not professional weight lifters.

We are sure to go through some painful experiences in our quest to succeed in life but instead of being bitter, when we rather resolve to become stronger and better we will become triumphant at the end of it all.

Take Joseph, the son of Jacob for instance: He never allowed the numerous betrayals and disappointments life threw at him to make him bitter. He is one person who really mastered the art of pain in the sense that every betrayal rather increased his resolve to make it in life.

He had so much inner strength that when those who caused him pain later found themselves at his mercy, he chose to bless them instead of seeking vengeance against them.

Lesson: True freedom and happiness in life will become possible when only we learn to master our pains. Let the negative things you experience in life make you better and not bitter.

Your measure of strength will be known in the day adversity. If you faint in the day of adversity then your strength is weak.

The world has no place for the fainthearted, so stop looking for people to sympathize with you.

Free yourself from the cage of bitterness and unforgiveness.
Let every bitter experience you’ve had in life increase your resolve to succeed.

Don’t let the pains of yesterday rob you of your tomorrow. Decide to make something out of your pain.

From today, decide to put on an even broader smile than you had before.

The choice is yours; either to put your life on hold because of your pain or you master that pain and move on to achieve your dreams.

A great future awaits you.

May we receive strength to master our pains in Jesus’ mighty name.

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