Older Than Man

I believe that if the story of everyone’s life were to be documented , there will always be a particular theme that will be prevalent in accounting\n for either our successes or failures.

One of the things I have tried to get answers to is what causes great people to fall from glory and why people fail in general.

And after much meditation and research, I have come to the conclusion that the central theme in the story of people who fell from glory is “PRIDE”.

I completely agree with Proverbs 16 verse 18 that indeed “Pride goes before destruction and haughtiness before a fall”.

Consider the destruction and fall of any person or organization and you will find out that, amongst the factors that accounted for their fall is Pride & Arrogance which made them believe it is impossible to loose what they have built.

We who are students of the Bible know that the first being who was recorded to have fallen from glory was Lucifer ( see Isaiah 14:12-15 ). And it was his pride and arrogance that led to his destruction and fall.

Lesson: There has been no other sure cause for the destruction and fall of the great who had gone ahead of us as Pride and Arrogance.

Listen! If you ever desire to succeed in life, then learn to guard your heart against these two: pride and arrogance.

There’s always a success lesson in almost everything around us but the pride and arrogance of many will not let them humble themselves enough to learn from others.

The person who has the answer to your problem might not be on par with you academically or in terms of social status; but if you can humble yourself, it will be for your own good.

Don’t be like Naaman; whose pride and arrogance almost cost him his miracle.

For some, a simple “I AM SORRY” could save their marriage or relationship but their pride and arrogance will not let them say so.

Your best employee is about to leave your company but your pride and arrogance won’t permit you to admit to him/her that you were wrong and amend the situation.

Whenever you think you are better than everyone and despise others who are not yet privileged to be at your level, know that you have set up yourself for destruction.

Go through life with the willingness to learn something from everyone you encounter and every situation you experience.

It is against the laws of success to go through a day without learning any new thing to improve your life.

Humility has great gains: It has helped many to rise to the top and ensured they stayed.

I pray for us in the mighty name of Jesus that we learn to clothe ourselves in humility so that we can rise to the top and remain there.

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