OUT OF THE CARCASS …Something Sweet

The study of the history of mankind has always revealed man’s ability to actualize hope out of hopeless situations.

We have even learnt over the years how to make meaningful use of waste by recycling them to reduce the harm they brought us.

Unfortunately however most of us find it difficult believing that similar things can happen to us considering how messed up our lives seem to have become.

Nonetheless, the story of Samson and the lion he killed further proves to us that there can be a change in our situations if only we don’t stop believing.

On his way to make his marriage arrangements in Timnath, Samson killed a lion which roared against him and left the body there to rot concluding it was of no use to him.

When he returned to it after many days, he found usefulness in the carcass of the lion: A swarm of bees had taken possession of that carcass and filled it with sweet honey. He took some and ate and gave some to his parents to eat as well. (See Judges 14:1-9)

The carcass was an act of man but the honey was an act of God. This means God can create something sweet out of every seemingly dead situation.

Lesson: If God can make sweetness come out of a carcass then your issue is not beyond restoration.

Some people might think that your life and that issue you are facing has become a “carcass”, but I see God bringing sweetness out of that situation.

Trust God with that dead situation…People who wrote you off will return to the same spot they left you wounded and you will become a blessing to them.

Dr. Myles Munroe of blessed memory told a story of how he was looked upon and abused by his teacher at the age of 14. This teacher verbally abused him, calling him “a black monkey” and added “Black people cannot learn sophisticated things”.

Many years after however, he encountered this same teacher at one of his numerous conferences seeking an autograph from him for two of his books that he (teacher) had purchased. The teacher obviously apologized to Dr. Munroe for underestimating him in the past.

You can have a similar story also. God uses situations in our lives to accomplish His will and show us His greatness.

Make practical use of every incidence that comes your way. You can find honey in that dead situation.

Men might think you are a finished article, but God is just starting with you.

I see sweetness being birthed out of that bitter situation.

Your life will produce honey to feed many.

I pray for you in the mighty name of Jesus that we will receive a fresh breath of newness from God in our lives.

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