Same Fate But Different Faith

Life on earth is such that, things we experience are not limited to either our religious or social inclination.

We are born through the same means, breathe the same air, have similar experiences of joy and sorrow and suffer the same fate of death irrespective of our belief system.

A lot of times, we are tempted to question our faith in God when bad things happen to us. We forget that faith in God will not exempt us and the people we love from experiencing some unfortunate situations under the sun.

I have witnessed and read of people who suffered an unfortunate situation and were never the same again. Meanwhile, others became better out of similar situations.

We might all suffer similar fates, but our reaction will be different because of the source of our faith.

Lesson: The greatest benefit of our faith in God is the strength to endure unfortunate situations that destroys others and become better out of them.

I wish I could promise you a life without pain.

I wish I could tell you, you will never come to cry over the loss of a loved one.

I wish I could tell you, you will never suffer betrayal in the hands of people you have loved and invested in.

But unfortunately we are not different from those who have lived before us

The people of old we admire and draw inspiration from were not exempted from unfortunate situations. Rather, they waxed stronger in faith to overcome those situations, and built a legacy for posterity.

It is possible you might be wailing in pain because of an unfortunate experience you are facing currently, but just know that, notwithstanding how dark the tunnel is, there is always light at the end.

Don’t let the unfortunate situations you are experiencing now lead you into depression and cause you to give up on life.

You might think you have no reason to live again but through faith in God you will have a reason to smile again.

Don’t cast away your confidence in God.

Say to yourself “I am built to last and I cannot be broken by this situation”.

The world will be amazed at how you recovered from that situation, when many thought it will destroy you.

Don’t stop living your dream, someone out there will be inspired by your story.

For everything you have lost, some way, somehow I see God bringing you a replacement.

I pray for you in the mighty name of Jesus that you will be strengthened with might in your inner being to scale over every set back and fulfill your dreams .


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