Seductive Manipulators

The work of Ministry is very involving, very trying and for you to be able to do this work properly, you must be genuinely called by God.

When God calls a man, one of the things that God will do is to empower him. Another thing that God will do is to also touch the hearts of several people, who can act as armour bearers around him to help and support him.

God sends him all kinds of people with assistance to help fulfill his vision.

While everyone requires the assistance of people in fulfiling his or her vision, not everyone who comes to help you with your vision will offer you unique help. Some are seductive manipulators.

Seductive manipulators are people who use their words, wealth, influence and position, to influence your people in a negative way against your work and your words. They use what they have to seduce, entice, charm, persuade, lure, enchant, bewitch and deceive your people to go against you so that they will have a following.

Seductive manipulators are people who can play with your mind. They make issues look bigger than how they really are. They bring about conflict and create division between people, while knowing how to exempt themselves. They do this through back-biting, false accusations, etc.

Seductive manipulators capitalize on the perceived weaknesses and shortcomings of leadership. Absalom as a seductive manipulator, used his position to gain the loyalty of the people of Isreal to fight against David’s leadership.

To keep your ministry as a Pastor, teach your people how to recognize, handle and avoid seductive manipulators.

The work of a unique assistant is rare and uncommon.

May God remove seductive manipulators from your life.

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