Shine Your Eyes

I remember a particular wedding ceremony between a lady from our ministry and a gentleman from another ministry.

As I engaged in a conversation with some of the gentlemen from our ministry after the wedding, most of them admitted they never really took their time to observe the lady (even though she was a committed member) and that it was during the wedding they realized that she was truly a virtuous lady.

As her pastor, I had always known her value. I knew she is one the virtuous ladies who will be a blessing to her husband but I believe because she is a bit reserved, most people didn’t “shine their eyes” enough to take notice of her.

Such is the mystery of life.

Most times, what we need to transform our lives is closer to us than we realize.

God didn’t need to create a new rib to form Eve. He just used an already existing one in Adam.

The source of water Hagar needed to save her child and herself from dying was very close to her; all she needed to do was to “Shine her eyes” . Gen 21:14-19

What the widow in 2nd Kings 4 needed to transform her financial status was already in her house in the form of a little oil in her jar.

Lesson: The solutions we are looking for is often hidden in people and things very close to us but we fail to identify them because we are always looking outside our reach.

There is an idea close to you that can transform your financial status; just “Shine your eyes”.

Hidden in someone close to you is the wife/husband or business partner you have been searching for.

If a rib from Adam can create a woman, then there is something within you that can provide solution to the problem of nations.

Decide to “ Shine your eyes” from today and give attention to everything around you.

I see your eyes being opened to an uncommon idea close to you.

The nations will celebrate your impact.

I pray that our eyes will be opened to see every opportunity around us in the mighty name of Jesus.


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