Sold By Men But Sent By God

“Sold by men but sent by God!”

This statement of Joseph to his brothers in Genesis 45:7 sounds so contradictory.

But when I consider my own life story and that of many others similar to mine, I couldn’t help but agree with Joseph.

The identity of my biological parents is unknown to almost all my childhood friends because at a tender age of 5, my mother sent me to live with my wonderful Aunt who most people know as my mother.

It was very difficult for me because I was moved from the comfort of a 5 bedroom house into a single room with 4 occupants. I never wanted to go back there when I came home for vacation.

But looking back, I can say with all sense of fulfilment today that what happened years ago is the singular reason for the person I am becoming in life.

When I turned 30, I asked my mom why they sent me to live with my Aunt. She told me that aside her own observations, she often came home to complains of my younger brother beating me on the orders of my elder half brother.

Due to the aforementioned, she decided to send me to live with my Aunt for a while.

Today, I am the joy of my parents. Even though I didn’t grow up with them, just like Joseph, I have become the one bringing so much glory to family.

My half brother whom I love dearly and hold no grudge against forced the hands of my parents to send me away but now, I understand that God used the situation to send me to a place where He can prepare me for the future.

Lesson: Never be bitter against the people who worked against you to loose your place somewhere dear to you.

They might think they have sold you into destruction but like Joseph, God is using that situation to make something great out of your life.

There are countless stories of people who are doing very well in life after being wrongfully pushed away from their previous place of comfort.

And when people thought that all hope was lost for them, the story suddenly changed in their favour.

There can be an appointment in every disappointment if we learn to stay positive. So stop crying over the disappointments of yesterday.

Yes! You lost that job in the most painful manner. You have complained enough! It is time to build your own dream.

The best statement you can make in life is to become better than what you used be previously.

When people from your past see you, they must envy how successful you have become and regret ever letting you go.

I see you smiling again.

I see you excelling in life.

I pray for us in the mighty name of Jesus that we receive strength to rise above the pains of yesterday and excel in life.

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