The Biggest Payday in Your Life

Life on earth is fraught with constant battles. But battles are designed to bring the best out of us and make us better at the end.

I meet a lot of people who tell me of how frustrated they are in life because of the constant battles they find themselves engaged in.

Sometimes we wish we have a battle free life, where we don’t need to fight for anything in life. Sorry to bust your bubble, success in this world is designed for fighters.

In fact, the greater the height of success we want to attain, the tougher battles we will face.

But every battle we overcome brings greater rewards and gets us closer to fulfilling our purpose on earth.

One thing that caught my attention as I read the adventures of Joshua and the Israelites is that, every battle they faced was tougher than the earlier.

There was one time in Joshua chapter 10 that after the Israelites had defeated one king , 5 other Kings came together against them.

But they became far richer than they were before when they defeated them.

Lesson: We will always face battles in life. And the next battle will always be tougher than the previous one but victory in our next battle will bring us greater rewards and take us a step closer unto greatness.

That is how Champions are made. Champions are made out of battles.

You are only recognized as the best in your field by the battles you have conquered.

Anytime someone claims to have the best results in a particular field, people want to know “The battles they have suffered, survived and conquered”.

It is like the sports of boxing, you must fight the toughest boxers to get your biggest pay cheque.

We cannot quit at this stage of our lives. We have come to far to quit.

I know the challenges are overwhelming but don’t throw in the towel.

Don’t give up on that marriage.
Don’t give up on that business.
Don’t give up on your dream to become the best in your field.
You can get up from that sick bed.

These battles you will see today will make your success story more inspiring to others when they know you chose to press on when all odds were against you.

May we receive strength to become better out of all battles in Jesus’ mighty name.


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