The Scars Underneath My Dress

One of the most painful things in life is to have people criticizing and belittling your achievements when they have no idea of the pains you have gone through to get what you have.

When my wife came home after giving birth to our 3rd child, I asked her one morning to lie down for me carefully observe the cut on her body. It made me feel empathy for her; knowing that my children who give me so much joy are products of her scars.

I believe if most of us men can bring ourselves to understand a little of the pain our wives go through to give us the children we pride ourselves in , we will appreciate them better than we do.

When people see my wife, they only take notice of the beautiful dress she is wearing but I am always conscious of the scar underneath her dress.

There is hardly anyone who have accomplished anything of significance without having scars.

The nation Israel was birthed out of the scar Jacob sustained from his encounter with the angel in Genesis chapter 32. He left that encounter limping for rest of his life.

Lesson: Never belittle the achievements of people because you have no idea of the scars they had to sustain to make that impact.

For most of us, the scars we have sustained are not visible on our bodies for people to see but they are emotional and psychological scars hidden underneath our dress called “the body”.

Some of us are carrying so much scars from our encounters with people that if they were to show on our bodies, there will not be enough room on our bodies for them.

Be encouraged in-spite of the challenges you are facing now. Even though some might leave you with scars, some scars are necessary for stars to be born.

Don’t waste the scars you have experienced in life. Rather, learn lessons from them and turn them into stars.

The world will only appreciate the scars underneath your dress when you turn them into stars.

I see a glorious marriage for you.
I see you conceiving a great idea out of your pains.

May we receive strength to turn our scars into stars in Jesus’ mighty name.

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Dedicated to my wife Mrs. Vera Bannerman

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